Update for csv decrypting?

I’ve been using the ucs decryptor both for sc and csv files for the past couple of years. With the recent th13 update I’m unable to dencrypt the csv files that supercell put in the new update. It works well with old files but not with the new ones. Is there a fix or something that could be done to get the decryptor and the encryptor to work for csv files?
The problem is with ucsgflzma.exe that crashes everytime i try to decrypt a new file.
Thank you.

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Well yes it’s actually in the pinned topic of this section: Compressing and decompressing game assets (.csv, .sc, etc.)

Oh, I’m blind. Thanks

there is one more csv decrypter dark soul editor, you want the download of him??


CSV and localization old encrypt, Logic new encrpt.

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