Ultrápöwã JS 13.0r1 Leaks Source

Here We’re Send For You All Publicly Leak source code Ultråpøwã JS Real , Download now Before file has will be gone…

Automatically expired for after 5 people click Link … <<

Link ÛCSJsLeak : https://bit.ly/3HDfzq9
Game client : https://bit.ly/3pYjSqj
Requirements NodeJs : nodejs,org/en/download

This server is free with a limit 5 people download, for second i can make reupload., but not free again :slightly_smiling_face:. fell free dm me for if you want need new link, i’i upload in my officially github page :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers… :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for the link, im already download it :sweat_smile:

how did youre can get this source :thinking:

legit … but none clan wars logic and still haven an unhandled command :clown_face:, builder base cannot attack :clown_face:

Behause clan wars and bettle logic for bulder base is never finish in this version

HEY can you share them again?I really want to play it and I can pay to you. Please sent here prq_dl@163.com

Bro I need that server files please re upload thanks for share!!

Bro please I need this file right now @Mike1337

add me on discord: Ficello.zip#9910

Thank you