UCS for Clash of Clans 13.0

Changelog UCS for Clash of Clans 13.0:

PLAYERS: player tags are now available
PLAYERS: news seen are now properly processed and won’t pop notifications anymore
CLANS: in-game commands are now available on clan chat
CLANS: chat rules aren’t displayed anymore once they have been accepted
CLANS: a placeholder (fake) clan is now available to players who aren’t in a clan in order to type in-game commands
CLANS: clan tags have been implemented
CLANS: name, score and league changes are now properly propagated to clan members
BATTLES: prepare to fight because trophies and leagues are BACK!
COMMANDS: /th, /easy and /tsarbomba commands now properly upgrade and downgrade levels of units, spells, heroes and siege machines
GLOBAL: all 11.651 existing features have been migrated to meet 13.0 requirements
GLOBAL: server architecture has been improved again

How to play:

Changelog Clash-JS for Clash of Clans 13.0r1:

BASES: traps can now be rotated properly
BASES: builder base can now be upgraded to BH 9
BASES: buildings (mainly decos) can now be stashed properly
BASES: stashed buildings can now be properly restored

Update is live on UCS.

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