UCS error banned

Hey, I have a little problem so I installed a UCS patch to make it work, everything works fine I can connect to the server, but the only little problem is that when I quit I get banned and I have to after deleted the app data, if anyone has the solution ^^

Sorry for my bad english im french lol

Otherwise if you know any other tool to make its server you can give the download links here please

ClasherRepublic version 3,
9.256 emulator good,
source code:

ClasherRepublic version 4,
9.256 missing and there are some bugs, but the system is nice.
source code:

supercellMagic (v4 is complete, but i failed to run it,
(requires net core). Atrasis
source code:

20Clash is very missing, and you need to use ultrapowa apk. 13.0.x version
by Incr3dible

source code:

(You can add plug-ins by looking at UCS)

all of them are based on c # and very similar to UCS server, some require mongo database, but there is no js and java server public.

Ucs 7.3.1 crack version

source code:

Thanks, I test it now

Can you give me a build version please @Return-v11

which ?

and your emulator which ?

The one you want, I think you know yourself better than me so the one that looks best to you @Return-v11 and my emulator is Memu

So ? @Return-v11 ???

no reply ;(;( ;( ;( lol

For Cerberus-v4 which COC version should i use?? I know its 9.256.??? but what is the last number(s)?

Any this x version work Just u need find pach apk