Play Ultrapowa Clash Server NOW!

To start playing UCS for Clash of Clans 13.0, do as follow:

Please note that:

  • Bluestacks and other emulators and x86 systems aren’t supported and I have no plan in ever supporting them

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Oh and slow load game

Those aren’t bugs but non-implemented features

This ?

can i now add mods to that client?

have the ucs server link ?!

can i have my own server ?!

The only thing I can see is a connection error. Do i have to change a DNS record for playing? :joy: :joy:

It should work fine as long as you use a real device. There’s no DNS to change.
Emulators such as Bluestacks aren’t supported.

When i find Link Download the server (not apk)?.. I want to make my server