Legacy UCS source code support ending

UCS open source versions aren’t supported anymore.
This situation isn’t new, the C# server hasn’t been updated for years.
UCS for latest Clash of Clans version is now a Node.js closed source and self-hosted project.

The old C# source code will remain available at: https://github.com/jeanbmar/UCS
This old code is pretty terrible, so you might want to check other projects such as:

Can we pay you to have the latest server version for coc “UCS node.js”?

I’m sorry we aren’t selling it, but it will be playable here within a few days.

Why it’s ended @Ultrapowa

pay for it?how to get it sources

Hello! Please tell me how can I turn on the cup system? So that they can be added after the victory and taken away after the defeat. Help me please.

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rip 2015 - 2020 it has been passed away ;(