I need an old ucs version ( to be exact

i need an old version because i need to play an old version of clash of clans

I cant seem to find it anymore so… pls can someone send a link

thank you

https://tinyurl.com/2r396fwh tis reuplod diwn now yea

ici le lien, mais c’est très à jour https://bit.ly/3pmegVr

i need the old one (ucs0500.rar) i need to play clash of clans version 7.1 uhm im pretty sure that that link that you gave me lead to another thing

that what you gave me lead to 0610 and 0640 i need 0500

i need 5.0 not 5.0.1 is better, why need old :eyes:

because of version 7.1.1 of the game

You can download and play 7.1.1 offline mode.

Making a server does not go beyond nostalgia.
so nobody plays.
on the other hand, ucs 0.5 is very missing (also I don’t have it).


Patch Note :

New features
•UCS is now compatible with CoC 7.1, crypto credits to handroid and clanner

•GameOp commands are now available (rename, shutdown, kick, set privileges, ban, unban, visit)!

•Some PvP features are now enabled!

•Server maintenance mode is now available (message displayed on connection)

•GameOps now see players id in global chat

•Server now checks CoC version of clients before accepting connections


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