[HELP NEEDED] build failed ucs-master

when I try to build UCS-master, it’s failed, and I have these errors:

server: https://www.mediafire.com/download/4xux1fnrxjgvqvs


Pach apk:


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thank you, sorry I ask late, but I want to know what software do you use to compile the source code?

Vizual studio 2017 and some extra accessories for him @DrKfir

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what is the “extra accessories”??

I try use vs 2017 community
and I have these errors, and I don’t know what extra accessories do you use, please tell me.


and every time I try to fix one another shows up

@DrKfir you use it sorce?

no I use this https://github.com/jeanbmar/UCS

But I try what you use and it’s still don’t work.