Can't connect to the server

Hello, i don’t know which version of clash to use with this server… i tried 13.* / 11.* / 10.* / 9.*
Nothing works… can i have a doc or some explinations please?

(I’m french sorry if i did some errors)

Hi! In the source code i can see Version 9.256 Support (+ v11.x mod) //full 11.x mod confing soon

Do you have a patched apk?

version 9.256 is old… and i have a normal apk with host editor to test

I think that 9.256 is the best you can have without pay or update the source code. You need to patch the APK, I think that you can’t use it without modify the APK

Can I get a 11.x server for $ 25 dollars?
if yes, where can I get it?

No idea about if anyone is developing 11.X right now, sorry :pensive:

what do you think of its software i think some newer servers are using a newer version of it otherwise I’m not sure how exactly that code works

atrasis coc very really good quality.
Of course I’m talking about the current version.
there are only a few logic errors, but there is even a clan war.
However it is very expensive and the computer is forcing the netcore distressed in C #.

@Return-v11 I know how to use net core softwares but I don’t know how to use this database and give it a little startup thing.

can one question how exactly supercell.magich arguments to start a server with port

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