2020 Creat Clash of clans server

First of all, it is not like advertising but I will add a server apk link that I really admire.


yeah let’s go back to the topic, supercell started developing a lot of itself by the end of 2019 and added new encryption methods to the client.
it’s not just game files.
Even many reverse engineers pushed hard.
Nobody wants to give their server files, at least for free.
Now I will share the old encrypted (of course this free and very high quality) v9.256 clash of clans server files with you, as source code.


There’s an error in that part, you fix it

On the other hand, you need to pay the producer $ 350 for the new version.

Shut the fuck off Atrasis…

He’s make a rich himself for this…

We need old ultrapowa :slight_smile:

Ciash rebubluc 3 is beter but not full logic